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Become a Welcome To My Garden ambassador 💚⛺

Amazing that you want to become a WTMG ambassador! With Slowby, we want to help more people join the slow travel movement. That's why we're looking for WTMG ambassadors who are eager to host beginners in their garden and help us make slow travel more accessible.
While staying fully true to the rules and not-for-profit philosophy of WTMG, there are two things you should agree with to become a WTMG ambassador: (1) you accept to receive stay requests from the WTMG team and (2) you can give slow travellers access to a toilet.

By becoming an ambassador, you also contribute to:

🌱 Help sustain and grow WTMG: as slow travellers will pay for the use of our trip planning service (not for the WTMG stay or anything else), we will be able to keep the WTMG platform functional and free to use for everyone.
🙌 Directly support a local initiative which makes slow travel more accessible: for each stay in your garden with Slowby, we will make a €5 donation to a positive impact initiative of your choice (out of a list of 3 initiatives, chosen at the end of the year).
It only takes 2 minutes to register as an ambassador. Let's get started!

Your contact details

The information you are sharing in this form will be only used by the WTMG team. Only after your approval, we will share your phone number with the traveller coming to your garden.

📧 What is your email address?

If your email is already in the box, please verify that it's correct.

📞 What is your phone number?

A quick phone call or SMS makes it easy for us to ask you if you're available to host or not.

Your confirmation

1. Stay requests from our WTMG team

We help slow travellers plan and prepare their trip, so our team will get in touch with you and ask you if slow travellers can stay for the night in your garden or not. If you’re available, we will put you in direct contact with the travellers.

🏕️ Can the WTMG team directly contact you?

🏕️ Can the WTMG team directly contact you?

2. Availability of an inside or outside toilet

Although we make it very clear that slow travel is about going back to the basics, we found out that it’s important for beginners to have access to a toilet. That’s why we want to check with you if you can provide one.

🧻 Can you provide access to a toilet?

🧻 Can you provide access to a toilet?

💚 We are curious! Can you tell us a bit more why you like to host slow travellers in your garden?

💬 Is there anything else you want to add or share with us?